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Ingredients: Natural honey lollipops; in the composition of the lollipops pine nuts, cranberries, raspberries, ginger and lemon, mint. Energy value per 100 g 350 kcal.

Description: Lollipops are made from natural honey. The candy contains natural fresh juice of direct extraction, as well as freshly ground and whole natural ingredients. Perfect for a healthy and healthy snack! A mixture of honey with natural ingredients is dried using a special technology. The low temperature of + 37 C during the production process allows you to preserve all the most useful properties of honey and natural ingredients. The technology allows not to use in the production process of sugar, fructose, glucose, flavors, etc. We only work with reliable bee farms. all components are carefully checked before production . All components in production are used exclusively in fresh form. Our products are 100% natural and healthy!

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