Our company "Extract Center" is more than just a manufacturer of natural and useful products that have been recognized not only in the territory Russia but also far beyond its borders, our company is a guide from nature itself Altai to our final customer. We love our work and approach it with a warm heart and cold mind, so all our products are made with love and with full dedication, quality control, creating recipes and composition. All our products are 100% natural, and their composition and formulation are developed strictly in collaboration with scientists and specialists.

In the production of our health products, the company uses mainly raw materials with a pronounced effect on the organs and systems of the human body with proven effectiveness. The use of non-pharmaceutical raw materials in production is justified by the long-term practice of its use in folk medicine and the results of scientific research. A significant part of the product range contains extracts of fir needles, chaga, ginseng and antlers of the Altai maral, Altai pine nuts, flax seed, cranberries, etc ... Our drinks are very convenient to use - they dissolve well in water, you can drink it in the heat chilled, also hot during and after training. The drink removes toxins from the body, is good for the blood, for the heart. There are also drinks in the assortment: tonic, for men's and women's health.

Altai state technical University. I. I. Polzunov, especially for "Extract Centre" has developed a beverage, which are used extract of deer horns (Pantocrinum) and blood (pantohematogen).

Also in our range includes such products as natural шоколад70% sugar and any unnecessary additives, energy bars which contain Altai pine nuts, and more. Flax loaves will also not leave people who love delicious,natural and healthy products indifferent.