Production of our raw materials

Producing our healthy products our enterprise uses raw materials only with proved effectiveness which favorably influence on the organs and systems of the human body and organism. The use of non-pharmacopeial raw materials is based on scientific research and its use in the folk-medicine. The significant part of our product contains hill-growing salwort extract, burdock root, aspen bark, fir needles, chaga mushroom, (shelf fungus), ginseng and antlers of yong Sibirian Stang.

Drinks for health and sport

Drinks for health and sport. It is very convenient to use the extract: it is very water-soluble, you can drink in chilled when in is hot, you can drink it hot while traning and after sport. The drink removes / leads out toxins from the organism, it is very useful for blood and heart. There are also tonic / roborant drinks, and drinks for male and female health in the range of products.

Altai State Technical University after I.I. Polzunov has developed drinks with antler velvet's (pantokrin) and deer blood's (pantogematogen) extracts specially for ExtractCenter LLC.


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